Fundamental Demands of Holiness


(Exploring Powerful Scriptural Keys to Living a Sanctified Life) Kindle Edition

By: Damilola S. Akinduko

FUNDAMENTAL DEMANDS OF HOLINESS: (Exploring Powerful Scriptural Keys to Living a Sanctified Life) – Kindle edition by Akinduko, Sam. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @

Too many Christians nowadays, on account of their daily struggles with sin, have hastily and wrongly concluded that it is impossible to be holy.
But the Bible says,” without holiness no man shall see the Lord“(in other words, no man can make Heaven without holiness). It therefore means, attaining holiness is actually possible! If it weren’t, God wouldn’t have commanded, “…be ye holy as I am holy.
The logic is this: before issuing that command, God must have made enough provisions for anyone (who chooses) to attain holiness.
In this book, by divine inspiration, I show you the reality and possibility of Holiness by pointing out the various provisions from the holy Scriptures – powerful scriptural keys, for your total freedom (from the bondage of sinful habits and uncleanliness holding you down) into the realm of sanctification and absolute holiness.
Do well to obtain a copy for yourself, and as you read and meditate on these words, may you receive the impartation of grace for holiness in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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