Altering Ones Sexuality


[Transgender-Transsexual-Transvestite]: The Spirit Of Life In Christ Ministries believe that any person having had, or are planning to have, modifications to their sexual organs resulting in the reclassification of their gender; or those unhappy with their sexual identity, who modify their standards of dress, attempt to take on the appearance of the opposite sex, are loved of God just as any other person. But as regards their involvement with or membership in this church, the following stipulations shall apply.

Leviticus 18:22

Deuteronomy 22:5

Romans 1:24-25

Romans 1:26-27

  1. If a person has surgically altered his/her body, which God has sovereignly created, they must be brought to a place of recognition of having offended God by their actions. The same applies for those who, by their manner of dress, attempt to deceive themselves and others as regards to their Gender. To qualify for membership, they must experience and confess repentance, [The evidence or fruit of] to his/her pastor and church Board of Elders. The members of the Board of Elders in turn, having heard their confession of repentance, and abiding faith in God for His assistance in their being an over comer and in his/her quest for victory over this sin, shall agree to ‘cover in love’ such revelation, and not disclose anything regarding their past actions, with the exception of informing future new Elders in the church and on the Board of Elders.
  2. Any person, once identified as transsexual or transvestite, may continue to attend only so long as the Senior Pastor feels there is progress being made in bringing him/her to repentance. He/she will not be permitted to hold office, or any position of leadership in the church.
  3. If anyone who has had his/her body surgically altered desires to pursue membership in the Church, he/she must agree in writing to maintain a life of celibacy, for the sake of the avoidance of confusion.
  4. If he/she is already involved in a ‘Married’ relationship and have experienced a surgical change in his/her sexual identity, other than that directed by the medical profession prior to his/her age of puberty or having corrected that surgery upon discovery as an adult, they are required to agree to immediately cease all such relations, separate, and obtain an annulment.
  5.  No marriage ceremony, commitment ceremony, or sanctions of any kind between transsexual or transvestite individuals will be permitted in the Church at any time. All provisions of subsection a) through e) shall apply.
  6. Any current church member who expresses a determination to have a surgical procedure to change his/her sexual identity shall be subject to discipline under Article IV, Section 11.

Refusal of individuals to adhere to Section 36 a) through e) is not deemed as an indictment condemning the person to a life without the love of God, or a pronouncement against God’s love of such individuals. Any person who comes from this background is welcome in the church, so long as he/she chooses to live as a celibate person, and actively seeks to live a changed life by the power of the risen Lord. He/she cannot be a member until they can declare victory over this sin by his/her reliance on the Lord Jesus Christ, and acknowledge being cleansed by His shed blood, and the miracle working enabling power of the Holy Spirit. Psalms 10:3,4; Psalms 24:3,4; Jer. 2:21, & Jer. 17:9; Rom. 1:18-32; Eph. 4:17-24; Hebrews 3:7-14; I Cor 6:8 & 9; I John 1:8; IITim. 3:13; I Cor 6:9 & 15:34.


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